Flow Fitness in Striking

I designed and built this custom website for a Personal Martial Arts Trainer. The site features an explanation of what is offered, videos of training sessions, testimonials, the trainer's background, and a sign-up form and contact information.

Project Details

  • Responsive design
  • Focus on customer conversion
  • Bright and modern design
  • CSS-Grid and Flexbox
  • JavaScript and jQuery
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The client was starting fresh with a new business name, logo, and custom website. We worked together to create a logo that spoke to the idea of training both the mind and body. The font family, yellow zen circle in place of an O, and flying side kick were all carefully chosen. From there I decided on a bright color scheme and strong typography for the site design.

I utilized CSS Grid and Flexbox for the site's layout, specifically with the header, featured photos, and videos. The site features a bright blue, sticky header which pops up after scrolling partway down the page to grab the users attention and point them toward the sign-up form. I used vanilla JavaScript for this header and for various other functions, including playing the videos on hover and controlling the navigation menu on tablets and phones.

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